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In article <1991Dec29.083543.177 at>, inna at writes:
>  Does anyone have codon usage table for Fish, or know FTP site I can get
> it from? It isn't found among codon usage tables on
>  Thanks.
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I found this message using WAIS and hope it you may get the codon usage table
for fish you need.

Here follows the message:

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From: Cherry at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU (J. Michael Cherry)
Newsgroups: bionet.general
Subject: Re: Codon usage tables available
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Date: 19 Feb 91 01:14:38 GMT
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In article <1991Feb17.203115.7949 at> 
gilbertd at (Don Gilbert) writes:
> Mike Cherry (cherry at has produced a set of
> codon usage tables for 50 different species from Genbank release
> 63, which he as generously made publicly available.  These tables
> are useable directly with the GCG software programs which ask for
> codon tables.   

You can retrieve these codon usage tables for all the major species 
reported in GenBank directly from my machine via anonymous ftp: (IP number Look in the [.codon] 
directory, the file lists which files go with which species.

I'll be updating these codon usage tables in a month or two, probably 
after GenBank release 67.

I use the features table to get the coding regions then check that each
coding region doesn't have more than one stop codon. From these
exons I manually eliminate all redundant entries and any sequence that
not wild type. This means I remove mutant genes, pseudogenes, viral and
transposon sequences and those that are questionable. Then I remove all
but one copy per type of things like immunoglobulins.

Mike Cherry
cherry at
Department of Molecular Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
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