Tom Jacobs tjacobs at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Dec 19 12:35:23 EST 1991

We are looking for a TRUE GRAYSCALE PRINTER, so that we can print out 
pub-quality prints of gel, blot and autorad images we have scanned *and 
annotated* in Aldus Freehand (or equivalent) on the Mac.  We are NOT 
interested in Stratagene's system, or anything like it, wihch simply sends 
images between a video camera and a printer.  We need to put a computer in 
between, so that images can be manipulated and annotated.  Has anyone got 
such a system working for < $10^5 (better <10^4!)?  In 5 years, this will 
be a Silly Question, since we will all be digital and Polaroid MP4 systems 
will be pushing up daisies with slide rules, I expect.

Any suggestions welcome.


Happy Holidays.

Tom Jacobs
tjacobs at ncsa.uiuc.edu

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