Strain Management Software?

David A. Moore damoore at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Sun Dec 15 11:49:12 EST 1991

In article <PREVELIG.91Dec5075832 at> prevelig at (Peter Prevelige) writes:
>I am looking for a strain management software database, that will
>enable to record and search phenotypes, genotypes, and annecdotal
>observations. Ideally it would be hypercard based. While I could build
>one, I am hoping to benefit from other peoples mistakes. By the way it
>is for bacterial and phage strains.
>PS- Sorry if this turns out to be a duplicate posting.
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Eureka! I was just looking for the correct place to post an anouncement for
Strain Collection 0.1, a hypercard program to do approximately what you
want. I posted it to for anonymous ftp. Check it out,
it's free.

Strain Collection 0.1 is a Hypercard 2.1 stack to help manage
collections of genetic strains, especially those kept in 8x8
stab boxes. Features include searching for strains by name,
genotype, or other notes, and reference to PICT files from
within the stack. This stack is freeware, and suggestions for
improvements are welcome. Help is included.
David Moore

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