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John Nash num208jn at MBDS.NRC.CA
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In article <1991Dec18.064507.11565 at>, harper at (Rob Harper) writes:
>In <1991Dec18.014405.4281 at> red at (Richard E. Depew) writes:

[lots of stuff deleted]

>*>I suggest that a new newsgroup for these non-readable postings be
>*>created with the name of in the tradition of
>*>comp.binaries.*.  Then I wouldn't have to subscribe to it.  :-)
>	I would suggest that the be opened up
>	so as to allow the posting of uuencode binaries even if the
>	source is not included. Let me just say that COMAP.ZIP was
>	made available to the public in the newsgroup before it could
>	even be had from any of the molbio ftp sites.

Rob,  do sources have to be included before things can be posted here? 
I wasn't aware of this, if it is so...

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