XDAP programs

Phil Green pg at GENOME.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Dec 16 16:04:20 EST 1991

broe at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu (Bruce Roe) writes:
> Over the past 10 
>years, Staden, et al have developed a series of programs for sequence
>alignment and analysis for the VAX.  They now have ported these to the 
>SPARCstation and added a sequence trace editor (TED) which can deal with
>the output from both ABI and Pharmacia fluorescent sequencing instruments
>and an X-windows-base sequence assembly program (XDAP) which allows proof
>reading from the ABI/Pharm. traces once the alignments have been made.

TED was written by Tim Gleeson (originally at the MRC) and LaDeana
Hillier (at Washington University), and is described in an in-press NAR
paper by those authors. It is a standalone program (independent of
the XDAP package) which provides editing and viewing capabilities 
for individual (i.e. non-aligned) automated sequencer trace files;
parts of it were incorporated into XDAP. It only runs on SPARCstations,
under X Windows, and can be obtained for free (for research purposes)
in the US by writing to lfw at elegans.wustl.edu. 

Phil Green

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