Recent Simtel Msdos uploads.

Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Mon Dec 16 13:56:57 EST 1991 is now offically listed as a SIMTEL20 mirror site.
If you are a European allow a few days for the directories
to be updated then get your files from the Finnish site rather than
go to the USA for them.


***************************  CLIP  **************************
The following files have been recently uploaded to SIMTEL20
(between 7-Dec-91 and 13-Dec-91):

NOTE: Type B is Binary; Type A is ASCII

 Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
HPGL2SCR.ZIP  B   31390  911213  Convert HPGL to AutoCAD script language

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BATUTL>
CATSIG.ZIP    B   25630  911209  Audible & visual alarm for ending a long batch
ERRLVL12.ZIP  B   19508  911209  Display value of ERRORLEVEL (DOS 3.30 - 5)
RING14.ZIP    B   13889  911209  Ring console bell, optionally on error
TSBAT30.ZIP   B   69896  911209  Collection of useful batch files by Timo Salmi

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BBS>
RABIR110.ZIP  B   28229  911212  RABIRTH birthday utility for RemoteAccess 1.10
WEDIT200.ZIP  B  166230  911209  FidoNet message editor, Fido or QuickBBS base

BBS1291A.ZIP  B   72454  911209  'THELIST' national BBS list for Dec., 1991
MED9112.ZIP   B   13935  911209  Medical/scientific BBS list, Dec. 1991
USBBS91.ZIP   B   66805  911209  Darwin's nationwide IBM BBS listing: 911201

SVGABG31.ZIP  B   93727  911209  SuperVGA & TweakedVGA BGI drivers, release 3.1

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.C>
CM100EXE.ZIP  B   58407  911211  MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK (exe and samples), 1of4
CM100HLP.ZIP  B  123548  911211  MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK (QuickHelp), 2of4
CM100TXT.ZIP  B   64293  911211  MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK (Help: text format), 3of4
CMAKE100.ZIP  B    1741  911211  MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK (description), 4of4
SNIP9-91.ZIP  B  166400  911212  Collection of C-snippets [mostly] by Bob Stout

TSJOG12.ZIP   B   21168  911209  Simple calculator/pacer for jogging enthusiast

FE50-A.ZIP    B  226005  911209  File Express v5.00 database system, 1 of 4
FE50-B.ZIP    B  356173  911209  File Express v5.00 database system, 2 of 4
FE50-C.ZIP    B  196579  911209  File Express v5.00 database system, 3 of 4
FE50-D.ZIP    B  225030  911209  File Express v5.00 database system, 4 of 4

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DBASE>
SNAP50.ZIP    B  304836  911209  Documentation utility for dBASE/Clipper/Fox

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DIRUTL>
PUSH.ZIP      B    9180  911212  Save/restore drive/dir via BAT files, w/ASMsrc

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DSKUTL>
HYDK430.ZIP   B  269221  911209  HyperDisk v4.30 disk cache system (shareware)
STOW150.ZIP   B  212736  911211  Patriquin's true disk archival (backup) system

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.EDITOR>
RE109.ZIP     B  145781  911209  Ravitz text editor, w/outlining & overviewing
WRITEME.ZIP   B   91380  911211  Create full color text files. Editor/viewer

PCFTYP41.ZIP  B  178782  911209  PC-FASTYPE/CGA v4.1 typing tutorial (ASP)
RECALL1.ZIP   B  154218  911209  Shareware vers of Total Recall educational pgm
RUSEN125.ZIP  B  238237  911211  Russian-English on-line dictionary (TSR)
TP-ET.ZIP     B  115774  911209  Thumb Print Software's Electric Typewriter

QUICKREF.LST  A    2686  911213  Quick reference list to SIMTEL20's MSDOS dirs
SIM9111.IDX   A   22557  911209  Comma-delimited list of November 1991 uploads
UPLOADS.NOV   A   20367  911209  List of uploads to SIMTEL20 for November 1991

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.FILUTL>
UUEXE502.ZIP  B   29258  911213  R.E.Marks' UUdecode/UUencode/XXdecode/XXencode

AMORT11D.ZIP  B  219573  911211  AmortizeIt v1.1d: Loan amortization pgm
INT201.ZIP    B  107141  911209  Interest/Amortization/Depreciation analyzer

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.GNUISH>
FLEX236.ARC   B   88469  911213  GNU clone of Unix LEX lexical analyzer

PLAY73.ZIP    B   17162  911210  Player for hi-resolution .FLI files (640x480)
TGAFLI.ZIP    B   44313  911210  Compile Targa images into .FLI format
WINF1651.ZIP  B  203201  911209  Windows port of Fractint 16.11 fractal gen
WINS1651.ZIP  B  311041  911209  Source for Winfract 16.51 fractal generator

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.INFO>
TSFAQ24C.ZIP  B   94151  911209  T.Salmi: Frequently asked questions & answers

BUF160_5.ZIP  B    6192  911210  Expands keyboard buffer 10-fold to 160 keys
RECALL12.ZIP  B   36829  911209  Commandline editor/history TSR, w/TASM source

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.LAN>
TRUMP103.ZIP  B   80163  911209  NNTP Usenet news reader. Uses Clarkson drivers

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.MODEM>
HSLK10D2.ZIP  B   84937  911209  HS/Link bidirectional protocol, synchronous
ODYSY150.ZIP  B  312803  911211  Backgrnd comm prg X/Ymodem/CISB+/Kermit/Zmodem

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.MOUSE>
SQM120.ZIP    B   14189  911213  Complete mouse control from MS-DOS

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.PCMAG>
VOL10N21.ZIP  B   46255  911209  PcMag: Gethome,IACA,PcToday,Putfile,Reboot
VOL10N22.ZIP  B   97719  911209  PcMag:Cdisk,Itrig,NewCMD,Record1,Static,WinNav

SQC250.ZIP    B   16801  911213  Powerful command-line printer control utility

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.SCREEN>
COLJST20.ZIP  B   14114  911209  Adjust VGA text colors. 262,144 possibilities
GRABB392.ZIP  B  113400  911209  Creates .EXE files from console screens
VIZ421.ZIP    B   63104  911209  Video accelerator - speeds up screen I/O

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.SYSUTL>
DDPC250.ZIP   B   17204  911213  Multiple hard disk parker and screen saver
EATMEM11.ZIP  B   27141  911209  Reduce available memory for testing programs
FIXTIM10.ZIP  B    8722  911210  Compensate for inaccuracy in on-board clock
RITM11.ZIP    B   30717  911210  TSR which will correct CMOS clock error
TSUTIL35.ZIP  B  126256  911209  First set of command-like utilities, T.Salmi
TSUTLC17.ZIP  B   87990  911209  Third set of command-like utilities, T.Salmi
TSUTLE13.ZIP  B   32356  911209  Fifth set of command-like utilities, T.Salmi
UMBDR513.ZIP  B   21621  911209  UMB provider/base memory expander for DOS 5

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.TELIX>
MDMCFG22.ZIP  B   20349  911209  MODEMCFG.EXE program v2.02, for Telix 3.15
TXMDM202.ZIP  B   12667  911209  TELIX.MDM file for Telix MODEMCFG.EXE program

CLEAN85.ZIP   B  116997  911211  Virus removal program for PC's, LAN's
I-M102.ZIP    B  264632  911211  Integrity Master data integrity/anti-virus sys
NETSCN85.ZIP  B   90080  911211  Scans network file servers for viruses
SCANV85.ZIP   B  101636  911211  Scans standalone & networked PC's for viruses
VSHLD85.ZIP   B   88474  911211  Virus infection-prevention TSR for PC's

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.TURBO-C>
XMSIF140.ZIP  B   58068  911212  XMS interface for Borland/Turbo C[++] & MSC

AVDOOR11.ZIP  B   49412  911213  Andrew Pam's door writing toolkit for TP55/60
TP6BUGS4.ZIP  B   15115  911209  Unofficial Turbo Pascal 6.0 bug list
TPE31.ZIP     B  179879  911213  Free programmer's editor from Turbopower

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.TXTUTL>
COOKIE.ZIP    B    7308  911212  Fortune cookie quotes (tight, small, ASM src)
DIGEX104.ZIP  B   16990  911209  Undigest (extract) digests in mail file format

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.UUCP>
UUPC11Q2.ZIP  B  150231  911210  Mail w/UUCP required executables for OS/2
UUPC11Q3.ZIP  B  123325  911210  Mail w/UUCP optional executables for OS/2
UUPC11QD.ZIP  B  109317  911210  Mail w/UUCP formatted DOS & OS/2 documents
UUPC11QO.ZIP  B  139252  911210  Mail w/UUCP optional executables for DOS
UUPC11QR.ZIP  B  185866  911210  Mail w/UUCP required executables for DOS
UUPC11QS.ZIP  B  290433  911210  Mail w/UUCP source for BC++ 2.0 or MS C 6.0
UUPC11QW.ZIP  B   84324  911210  Mail w/UUCP unformatted WfW Documents

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.WAFFLE>
ASER27.ZIP    B   64266  911210  Mail-based archive server for Waffle BBS
WFS094.ZIP    B  112961  911211  Mail-based archive file server for Waffle BBS

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.WINDOWS3>
FBUILD13.ZIP  B   16385  911210  Folder Builder builds document folders for Win
GONEWIN1.ZIP  B  210424  911211  WIN3: Leave highly visible messages on your PC
QVTNET23.ZIP  B  212649  911209  TCP/IP pgm for Windows3. Uses packet drivers
UC-30B.ZIP    B  308420  911209  Unicom 3.0b communication program for Windows3
WCRON20B.ZIP  B  162907  911210  Unix's cron-like utility for Windows 3
WINSTALL.ZIP  B  253824  911210  WIN3: Microsoft's sample installer code (C)

WPMPRT11.ZIP  B   52686  911212  Print WordPerfect 5.1 macros to a file

These files are available via anonymous FTP from WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL
( or mirror sites OAK.Oakland.Edu (, (, (, (, ( or (, or by e-mail through the
BITNET/EARN file servers.

If you cannot access them via FTP or e-mail, most SIMTEL20 MSDOS
files, including the PC-Blue collection, are also available for
downloading from Detroit Download Central (313) 885-3956.  DDC
has multiple lines which support 300/1200/2400/9600/14400 bps
(103/212/V22bis/HST/V32bis/V42bis/MNP).  This is a subscription system
with an average hourly cost of 17 cents.  It is also accessable on
Telenet via PC Pursuit and on Tymnet via StarLink outdial.  New files
uploaded to SIMTEL20 are usually available on DDC within 24 hours.

Keith Petersen
Maintainer of the MSDOS, MISC and CP/M archives at SIMTEL20 []
Co-SysOp, Detroit Download Central 313-885-3956 (V22bis/HST/V32bis/V42bis/MNP)
Internet: w8sdz at WSMR-SIMTEL20.Army.Mil    or     w8sdz at
Uucp: uunet!!w8sdz              BITNET: w8sdz at OAKLAND

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