X-terminal over serial port?

Neville Firth nfirth at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU
Sun Dec 15 23:50:54 EST 1991

Hi everybody,

     I'm hoping you can provide me with a solution to the following
problem....  I want to use Staden's X-windows sequence construction
package, in particular XDAP.  I have access to a server running 
this software over a serial port ONLY.  ie NO ethernet connection.
My serial connection presently runs at 9600 baud bu I believe that
can be increased.  I have access to both 386 and Mac PCs.  I have
less than minimal knowledge of SLIP.

     So I guess these are the questions I need answered...
1)  Theoretically, can it be done with software any of you know
    about (Xvision Rob?)?

2)  Is anybody out there actually doing it to access XDAP?  If you
    are I particulary want to hear from you, PLEASE!

    Thanks for your time and hopefully in advance for your 


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