DNA Strider 1.1 & Sys 7.0 :-(

nigel at codon1.berkeley.edu nigel at codon1.berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 11 03:13:46 EST 1991

Hi again.

Well atleast it's not just me!  I now have 4 folks willing to back me up: DNA
Strider 1.1 will not function on an SE running Sys 7.
Next question is...what to do about it?  My current solution is simply to use
SystemPicker, and switch back to Sys 6 whenever I need to use Strider, but I
find this somewhat unsatisfactory.  I have just managed to dig up a copy of 
Strider 1.0, but I kind of doubt that it will help.
What is really needed is for some kind soul to point in the direction of the 
mythical v2.0 [if it is truely a myth, then perhaps there is one amoung you willing to hack a solution.]

please, if you know where I can reach the author [C.Marck?], or find a version
that will work on my SE, zap me a few electrons.


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