Compression Software

Rob Harper harper at
Wed Dec 11 05:54:54 EST 1991

In <9112040401.AA01955 at> greg at MENDEL.LLNL.GOV writes:

*>Would anyone know of a good (completely reversible) compression
*>routine suitable for running on a SUN, on files produced by the
*>Molecular Dynamics PhosphorImager ?  When we have used the SUN-
*>provided "compress" utility it has only managed to reduce a 23 Mb
*>file to a 20 Mb file ! ......  Any suggestions appreciated, and
*>I will let anyone interested know of the best suggestions.
*>Greg Lennon

I have done some WAIS queries on the availability of JPEG and there
is quite alot of information about. I saved four of the most interesting 
posts which gives pointers to those who want to look at JPEG further.

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