Libsoft documents.

Rob Harper harper at
Wed Dec 4 03:15:52 EST 1991

Recent uploads to LIBrary SOFTware archive site at

		David DeSimone's "Services Available via Standard E-Mail".

		Richard Griscom's "Bibliography for MLA Networkers".

LIBCONFERS.TXT	Charles W. Bailey Jr.'s "Library-Orientated Computer
		Conferences and Electronic Serials". An ASCII file.

                Dana Noonan's excellent guide to library opacs and
		databases on the Internet. An ASCII file.

		Charles Bailey's introduction to the Public Access Computer
		Systems mailing list. An ASCII file.

LIBINET.EXE     Ernest Perez's hypertexted version of L. Farley's Guide to
                Library Resources on the Internet. Self-extracting archive.
LIBINET.DOC     Text file describing libinet.

FTP to and LOGIN as username ANONYMOUS. Enter your e-mail
address as the PASSWORD. Then CD LIBSOFT. The file AAAREAD_ME.TXT  has
info on the site and the file INDEX.TXT contains the file descriptions.
If you do not know how to use FTP consult INDEX.TXT for the guides.

Please limit access to non-working hours (local time).

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