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Dan Jacobson DANJ at JHUHYG.bitnet
Tue Dec 3 15:50:58 EST 1991


I'm about to buy a new computer for my own use and, in my eternal quest for
more Unix knowledge and power, would like to run Unix on it.  I am  considering
getting a copy of MINIX which I beleive is a rewrite of version7 and on top of
which I think one can also run DOS.  The great thing about MINIX is that it is
supposed to be available for the cost of materials and thus around $100, comes
with complete source code and documentation.
It all sounds too good to be true and so I ask all you bio-Unix gurus out there
1) have you had any experience with MINIX and 2) does it work?
Will the bio-sci (and other) Unix software which we talk about so much really
compile and run under MINIX...or will this be a continual headache?
If not MINIX what about the commercial versions of Unix for PCs, Xenix comes to
mind and I know that there are several others.  Several months ago somebody
suggested that a poster get Unix for their PC and the software world would open
up to them, well... help me open up.
The idea of a for-cost version of Unix is quite attractive as this will be MY
money, however I would appreciate advice on what I'm getting into before I jump
into this.  All my Unix experience has been on SUN and DEC workstations and
a CONVEX so I hope somebody out there can give me some info on the PC side of
the Unix world :-)
I'll be happy to post a summary of what I learn.


Dan Jacobson

danj at jhuhyg.sph.jhu.edu (internet)
danj at jhuhyg             (bitnet)

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