ZIP_VMS.UAA (Part 1 of 2)

Rob Harper harper at
Mon Dec 9 12:54:16 EST 1991

In <1991Dec9.160527.7196 at> harper at (Rob Harper) writes:

>So when your E-mail arrived in my mailbox I simply forwarded it on to
> I did not send it to unless
>I am cracking up.

I have indeed checked both newsgroups, and and I only posted to the latter newsgroup.
In any case this newsgroup *SHOULD NOT* have any E-mail distribution
list associated with it... so it is a curious that anyone should receive
E-mail from this newsgroup... unless some wires are crossed at Genbank.

Did anyone else receive the VMS ZIP UUENCODE files via E-MAIL?
And not through USENET?

I have informed Dave Kristofferson of the incident and asked Fotes to
forward the E-mail he received to Dave so hat the situation can be resolved
and any confusion cleared up.


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