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Mon Dec 9 11:26:42 EST 1991

In <1991Dec9.150406.4559 at> harper at (Rob Harper) writes:

>!If you try to xv the .jpg file then Xwindows will choke. There may be some
>!patches about to handle .jpg files but we do not have them on our machine.
>sun4 /tmp/pj 152> xv om.jpg
>xv: 'om.jpg' not in a recognized format.
>0.1u 0.3s 0:03.17 13.2% 0+235k 12+0io 9pf+0w
>Exit -1

I have just been told that there is a patch on in


called xv.patch.3f.jpeg which should allow you to look at .jpg files
without having to decompress them.

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