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>>       I'm afraid that you will be hard pressed to compress these files.
>>I'm pretty sure that they are TIFF files and as such are about as
>>compressed as they can get.  (You can compress the header info though and
>>that is how you squeezed the 3Mb out of the file.)
>This is also true for GIF files, they are already compressed, so there is
>not much point trying to compress them further... and in some cases if
>you do try it you will get a BIGGER file than you started with.
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There is a program available for PCs running DOS -- the program is called JPEG;
it compresses  GIF files (not sure about TIFF) -- the compession ratio depends
on how much  quality (i.e. resolution) you want retained. It easily compresses
by a factor of two with very little image degradation. I don't know what other
platforms it can run on, or if there are any file size limits, but I will post
the name/address of the developer (it's shareware, so you only pay if you want
to keep it, and a very reasonable price at that!).

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