Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Fri Dec 6 16:33:00 EST 1991

>I can't get the VMS ZIP package, either! I tried to get the ZIP for VMS files
>"exactly as instructed in the post"; below are the relevant postings and the
>return mail I received from FILESERV at WKUVX1.BITNET:

>From:   IN%"Postmaster at WKUVX1.BITNET"  "Message Exchange Jnet Interface"
>                                        6-DEC-1991 11:38:42.88
>Subj:   Error in BSMTP message proccessing
>050 Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1991 11:26 EDT
>050 Subject: ZIP files
>050 To: fileserv at wkuvx1.bitnet
>050 Message-id: <01GDSHQYNNUO000CE2 at BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU>
>050 X-Envelope-to: fileserv at wkuvx1.bitnet
>050 X-VMS-To: IN%"fileserv at wkuvx1.bitnet"
>050 .
>554 Fail: Mailer not registered in my table.
>---- Rest of BSMTP input follows ----

>SO, what does this message really mean, and how do I get the files?

        It implies that MX doesn't know its own fileserver, which doesn't make
sense.  So I just tried it from here with the HELP command and got the help
file (below) with no trouble.  I just sent a request for the packages, and
they've started arriving.  When they all get here (it'll take a while) I can
break them out, repackage them in this forum's style (ZOO'ed then
EMBL-UUEncoded).  What value should I enter for the UUE parting size?  Where
should I send them (to an archive... to the forum's sources address...)?


 Foteos Macrides           Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology
 MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET     222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

FILESERV e-mail file server                           FILESERV at WKUVX1.bitnet
HELP                                             Western Kentucky University

FILESERV is a file distribution service that uses electronic mail
facilities to deliver files.  To communicate with FILESERV, send an
E-mail message to:
                      FILESERV at WKUVX1.BITNET

Commands are sent in the body of the message you send to FILESERV.
Several commands may be sent at one time; just put one command per line.

FILESERV Commands:

    SENDME package       Sends all parts of the specified package.
    SENDME package.n     Sends part 'n' of the specified package.

    LIST [pattern]       Gives brief description of all packages
                         matching "pattern".  If pattern is omitted,
                         a description of all packages is sent.

    HELP                 Sends this file.

Commands may be abbreviated.  DIRECTORY is a synonym for LIST.

For each request you make, a transaction log is returned to you
indicating the status of the request.  The status report will indicate
whether the request was successfully completed, and when the file was or
will be sent.   Large files are sent only during off-peak hours.

Problems, questions, and comments about FILESERV service on this system
should be directed to FILESERV-Mgr at WKUVX1.bitnet.

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