Brookhaven Protein Factor Database?

Dan Jacobson DANJ at JHUHYG.bitnet
Fri Dec 6 17:29:19 EST 1991


Somebody mailed me a note asking if I knew more about Brookhaven Protein Databa
ses than was contained in my earlier post about the availability of the PDB on
the EMBL netserver.  Specifically, they were looking for net access or a place
to get tapes containing the Brookhaven Protein Structure Factor Database
(or something like that).  Well I'm not familiar with this database so I
poked around but didn't find anything off-hand.  In the mean time I accidently
blasted the original question and thus am posting this message to everyone.
So if anyone has information on such a database please speak up :-)

BTW does anyone know of any plans at Brookhaven to make the PDB ftp'able, and/
or searchable (under IRX perhaps)?  This would seem to be a good idea.


Dan Jacobson
danj at (internet)
danj at jhuhyg             (bitnet)

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