MOPAC problem ... solved now.

doelz at doelz at
Wed Feb 6 13:34:03 EST 1991

In article <83988 at>, bron at (Bron Campbell Nelson) writes:
> In article <1991Jan31.103637.1344 at>, doelz at writes:
>>  [stuff deleted]
> If you do not use f77 do to the link, but rather construct your load line
> by hand (i.e. you use cc or call ld directly) the library name is libI77_mp.a
> (e.g. -lI77_mp  or  /usr/lib/libI77_mp.a).

Compiling again, with make -d, revealed that there was indeed a problem with 
the makefile. The code compiles nicely on the SGI 320, and does also show 
impressive performance. Thanks for the hint. 


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