Lab Stock Systems (software / hardware)

Eric Cabot elmo at
Mon Jan 14 12:02:57 EST 1991

In article <9101141612.AA04925 at> clark at writes:
>/Does anyone have experience of Lab Stock software to keep track of a large
>/number of samples, locations and COSHH info. The addresses  of the sources of
<stuff deleted>

>	The Biotechnology Lab at the University of British Columbia has 
>developed a database application for keeping track of lab stock that runs 
<Stuff deleted>
>conditions. I don't have an email address, but if you're interested, get in 
>touch with me and I can send you a phone number.
I think that the following  address will put you in touch with the 
right person at UBC:
     allen at (Allen Delaney)

Good Luck 

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