Summary of FTP sites for MSDOS software.

Robert Harper harper at FINSUN.CSC.FI
Sun Jul 21 08:42:56 EST 1991

This is a copy of a note to an archives newsgroup. Since I get quite a
few inquires about the Finnish NIC server you will notice below that
we now mirror MSDOS from SIMTEL, and have a ARCHIE running. On other
very good Finnish server is maintained by Prof Timo Salmi from Oulu
If you are interested in MSDOS software then that is a well organised
ftp source. It would also seem that the writer of the article considers
ARCHIE on NIC to be faster... but then again haven't I always said that
NIC.FUNET.FI is "the No 1 ftp site in the Galaxy":-)

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(Revision of 18-July-1991)

List of Recommended PC (DOS) Archive Sites Accessible via Anonymous FTP

A huge amount of Shareware and Public Domain software for the pc-user is
available via anonymous ftp from many sites in the world.  For the
average user, it is a very time-consuming task to access the sites known
to archive pc software and related information, and to sort and sift
through them looking for what he/she wants.  A list of a few recommended
archive sites would help most pc-users focus their software search
strategy thus saving them time with the added benefit of reducing
network load.

The following list presents the recommended sites for various broad
categories of interest to the pc (dos) user.  My criteria for including
an archive site in this list are:

     1) The archive site should be actively maintained and new files
        added in a timely manner.

     2) The site should archive a fairly complete selection of all the
        currently available software in the categories it specializes in.

     3) The site should have a clearly understandable directory structure
        with downloadable file indexes containing complete file

     4) The site should be accessible most of the time (i.e., high
        reliability).  In addition, it should not be geographically
        restricted (some sites do not want overseas access).

     5) File access and dowloading should be reasonably fast.

I will strive to keep the total number of sites included in this list down
to a minimum based on the above criteria.  I will, however, try to include
enough alternate sites so that if one site is down for whatever reason, the
pc-user can ftp to an alternate site.  Obviously there will be some give
and take as this list develops over time.

If the pc-user cannot find what they're looking for at these sites, they
have one of three options:

1) Access the complete ftp site list at:  []

   (I was told this is going away by fall- any alternative sites?)

2) Access archie at:  []
                   :         []

   Telnet to the archie site and enter 'archie' as the username and
   follow the instructions.  The pc-user can search for just about
   anything from hundreds of ftp sites.  I find that
   is faster in the search process.  One can also access archie by
   mail server;  send mail to archie at .

3) Issue a plea to Usenet.

Final Note:  Pc-users should start their search close to home before
going overseas.  Most of the files that you need are right in your own

          ******************************	A mirror to several archives, including Simtel,
[]		PC-BLUE, and  It also 
			has an extensive GIF library, and archives some
			games.  Overall, this site is the best in North
			America with regards to access, completeness,
			indexing, and downloading speed.  A real class
                             		One of the well-known Finnish sites.  Like
[]		wuarchive, Garbo (also known as chyde) has an
                        excellent selection, including Windows 3.0 files.
                        It is also a world-class archive.		Another Finnish archive.  It has a good selection
[]	of files in most categories.	The well-known Simtel archive.  It also includes
[]		the PC-Blue collection.  Unfortunately, it is
			difficult to access because of equipment limitations
			and it is usually slow when you do get access.  It
                        is including here for the sole reason that leaving it
                        out would raise a lot of eyebrows.  It is best to
                        access one of it's mirrors such as
                        before trying to connect to this site. An up and coming archive, which has a good
[]	selection in many categories, including games and
			windows 3.0.






------------------	Exec-PC is a BBS in Milwaukee
					described as "the world's largest".
                                        The collection at this site is not
                                        complete, but may have some hard-to-
                                        find files.



(I'm still looking for sites that carry a large number of up-to-date games
 as found on most public BBS's.  Most of the sites listed in this listing
 do carry some games, but not anywhere near to the extent that is possible.
 How about it, is there some site out there that'd like to take on the
 challenge of doing this?)

---------     Excellent selection with index.      Many space-related GIF files,
                                          very unique.       Good site.  Evenings only.     Restricted to evening use.      Daily weather satellite photos in
                                          directory phil.515.       Slow access, but does contain a
                                          lot of files, probably duplicated
                                          by  However,
                                          it keeps an updated list of all
                                          the known GIF file archive sites
                                          on the Internet.

(Note on GIF sites:  It is NSF policy that no site on their backbone can
keep or maintain any R or X rated GIF's except for valid research purposes
(I know, it's hard to define a pornographic image, but we all know one
when we see it).  Please do not recommend to me any clandestine sites
which happen to carry this "forbidden" material - I will not include them


Remember, this is your list, so, please help me update it!  If you
maintain a specialized archive of PC software, let me know and I'll
consider including it on this list, subject to the criteria set forth

Corrections, additions, deletions, differences of opinion, flames,
etc., are welcome!  I'm especially interested in finding other mirror
sites for SIMTEL, PC-SIG, PC-BLUE,, and for
commercial BBS collections such as EXEC-PC.  And, of course, GAMES!

Thanks for everybody's input so far.


How about it, anybody out there who would like to generate a list like
this for mail server users?

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