Simple WAIS (alpha code available)

Robert Harper harper at FINSUN.CSC.FI
Mon Jul 29 02:33:13 EST 1991

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>Subject: Simple Wais (swais) interface testing
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The screen-mode WAIS interface that I have been working on is
now ready for alpha testing.  I am aware of several outstanding
problems, but am looking for feedback on the general interface and
interaction model at this time.

The "swais" (simple wais) program currently supports: 
   Selection of multiple sources for a query.
   Specification of keywords for query on screen.
   Itemization of resulting documents with attributes.
   Retrieval and display (via more) of any selection documents.
   Repeat current search specifying new keywords and/or sources.

It will soon support:

   Retreival of documents into a local file or to a filter program.
   Ability to select retrievied source descriptions in future queries.
   Scrolling source and document displays for >15 items.

As it is still young code, I'd prefer that people try it by telnet'ing
to; username wais. Send any comments to jcurran at


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