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> Hello everybody,
> I have heard of a program for searching UWGCG-files with
> the PROSITE database of A. Bairoch.

I haven't heard of this particular program, but should mention that the EMBL
netserver has several programs available which facilitate the use of PROSITE
motifs with the GCG package.  (Some of these may also operate on files in GCG
format independently, but I'm not sure of the specifics.  In case anyone is
lacking it, the address of the netserver is Netserv at

BTW, v 7 of the GCG package includes a program called Motifs, which searches
for PROSITE motifs in sequences.  It's fairly intuitive, and produces useful
output.  I'd recommend using the /Ref qualifier (which prints out brief
descriptions of all motifs for which hits are found) if you're not already
familiar with PROSITE.

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