The best in Msdos.

Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Fri Nov 1 09:14:57 EST 1991

In Moscow if there is a queue of people standing outside a store then
you had better get in line because there must be some good stuff on sale.
In finland the downloads from GARBO are a good indication of what people
are standing in line for. Check this list out, and see what you are missing.

********************  BIG LIST FOR LIST LOVERS ********************
Here are the download statistics for archives at the
University of Vaasa, Finland, for the month of October 1991.  This
version of the download list is based on samples taken at 20 minute
intervals on the access time changes of the directories.  Thus the
statistics is quite approximate.  The list is cut off at 25
downloads.  The original list contained 2583 items.  The approximate
total number of downloads was 40020 files.  The files with no
description are either no longer on lists (they were
mainly old versions) or there is some technical problem with the
description.  This download statistics covers the /pc directories
(and /unix/ts).  Thus eg /mac /vms and /pc/win3 are not covered by
this statistics. 

"If you do not know how to go about getting these files you are
welcome to email me for the prerecorded instructions,
Keith Petersen (w8sdz at for SIMTEL20
information, or Craig Warren (ccw at for Oceanian garbo
mirror information.  North American users are advised first to
search for these files on SIMTEL20 or its mirror 
Respectively, Oceanian users are referred to"

********************** FINNISH HOT "ONE HUNDRED" *******************
 479 zoo210.exe     Zoo packing/unpacking facility from Rahul Dhesi
 324     McAfee VIRUSCAN 7.9v84; scans for all known 301 virus s
 288    McAfee Clean-up virus remover 7.9v84 (run SCANV55 or gr
 240 lha213.exe     LHa v2.13 compression for .lzh files, tight, in English
 226    McAfee VSHIELD TSR 4.3v84; protects viri (was:SCANRES)
 200 ftpsites.lst   Ftp sites for anonymous login (1 Oct 1991)
 185 naked100.zoo   NakedEye SuperVGA Gif viewer (works?) v1.00
 180 a1keen.lzh     Commander Keen v1.31 Vol 1 (great)
 177 moder.lst      An ascii list of MsDos FTP sites & moderators 9-Oct-91
 169 blast.zoo      Moraff's Blast I v1.5 (HERC/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA) (great)
 169 arj221.exe     Another tight compressor; .arj v2.21 Robert Jung
 165   McAfee NETSCAN network viruscan v84
 152   CompuShow GIF viewer (w SVGA) (good)
 141   Leisure Suit Larry 5 demo
 139 arc602.exe     SEA's packing/unpacking system (self-extr.)
 129 0news-pd2      News about the uploads in the /pc (the MsDos) directori
 128    BlueLake .gl (good)
 127 tsfaq24.arc    Questions from UseNet and Timo's answers, 18-Oct-91.
 127       TADS; the Text Adventure Development System v1.10
 127 post01.txt     Information email & postings, from 5-Nov-90 to 17-Apr-9
 125 garboidx.arc   Garbo INDEX file list in archived format
 123 duke.zoo       Duke Nukem (good)
 115 1dark.zoo      Dark Ages vol 1 v1.00 (req's 286 or better)
 114 pkz110eu.exe   "Legal" Euro-version of PKWARE's ZIP v1.10, no encrypti
 111 sg.zoo         The Game StarGoose from the binaries (great)
 111   Mah Jongg rel3.51
 109   UUde/encode & XXde/encode (format like c.b.i.p.d)
 109 suomi.gif      Finland, 8K 640x480x16 border outline and elevation map
 108    Omega v1.1 (req's AT, VGA & mouse), game
 108 grasp4.zoo     Grasp4 display program for Grasp (.gl) files
 108 garboidx.Z     Garbo INDEX file list in Unix compressed format
 104     VPIC GIF viewer, converter (EGA,MCGA,VGA and SuperVGA)
 102 unzip41.exe    Self-extracting alternative unzippper for .zip files
 102 pklte113.exe   PKWare's .exe and .com file compress/uncompress
 102     Amdek VGA Masterpieces (Van Cogh, Michelangelo etc) (go
 101 pbmplus.zoo    PBMPlus package ported to MS-DOS (second attempt)
 101 grafwk60.zoo   Graphic Workshop v6.0 (GIF/IMG/TIF/MAC convers) (good)
 100     Compression Companion for arcers be Jim Derr (good)
  99   BANANOID game (req's VGA) (nice)
  97   Strategy war game on a map v2.3 (req's EGA and MS mouse
  95 harri.gif      me, myself and I ...  (garbo moderator Harri Valkama)
  95     Zoo v2.10 extractor + sources
  94 naked100.lzh
  93 quadvga.lzh    QUADRALIEN game (req's EGA/VGA) (good)
  92   Dos technical reference by Dave Williams
  87    CoreWar game (req's EGA/VGA)
  85 snarf203.zoo   Snarf v2.03 (EGA) arcade games (neat)
  84   System Information by Steve Grant
  83 arj220.exe     Another tight compressor; .arj v2.20 Robert Jung
  82   QEdit, SemWare's shareware text editor, gr8!
  82    Falcon v3.0 demo (Spectrum Holobyte)
  81 dezip.exe      DeZip v2.0; ZIP-extractor
  80 pk361.exe      This packs and unpacks .arc files (self-extracting)
  80        Heart & Soul (impressive...)
  80 1ptomb.lzh     Pharaoh's Tomb v3.0
  78 unnkul12.arc   Unnkulian Unventure v2.0 (created with TADS)
  78       Honk Kong Mahjong v1.0 (good)
  78 grasprt.zoo    The G.R.A.S.P Interpreter for .GL files
  76   MsKermit version 3.11 from Columbia (23 Aug 1991)
  76    Vernon Buerg's file browsing program, the definite must
  75       ScreamTracker v2.2 plays Amiga SoundTracker sounds (goo
  74 xbd2_exe.zoo   Boulder Dash (from X Windows) (VGA) (w C)
  74 spaceygl.zoo   GL animation; (Eliminator?) space shuttle...
  74 sgdoc.zoo      StarGoose docs
  73 zoox2exe.exe   Series of zoo archives limited by size (enh. v2.01)
  73      Run through the scenes, game
  73 aaplay.lzh     PD Autodesk Animator player v1.0
  72 pak251.exe     NoGate's PAK file compression utility v2.51 (self-extr.
  72      Animation file for aaplay
  71 post05.txt     Information email & postings, from 9-Oct-91 on
  71 entrap.zoo     (AMD sponsored) Moraff's Entrap v1.11 (pretty)
  71     Fun text handling babble program, reviewed in PC-Mag
  70    Turbo Pascal 6.0 goodies from Borland (Germany)
  68   Improces v2.4 SVGA image processor (GIF,PCX,PRF)
  68 graspdoc.zoo   Grasp docs
  67 holechop.lzh   Chopper-demo for aaplay (good)
  66    GIF News Sep/Oct 91 (#16)
  66 2dices.lzh     2 dices sample for aaplay (animator player)
  65   Mah Jongg Tile set
  64     VGA gif picture showing program
  64    Windows aware disk cache (replace smartdrv.sys) (great)
  64   A Virus Protection system by Fridrik Skulason (good)
  64   Fishing game (req's EGA)
  63 euro01e.gif    Vaasa on the map of Europe, an EGA picture
  63    CoreWar Pro v2.1 environment (editor, RedCode etc)
  62   GIF/TIFF viewer v3.11 (Herc,EGA,(S)/(E)VGA)
  62   OBJetris v1.0; Objective Tetris
  62 looz212.zoo    Looz v2.12 (rev Aug 90); Extract/list zoo files
  62   Fractint v16.0; Mandelbrot and Julia set fractal images
  62 euro01v.gif    Vaasa on the map of Europe, a VGA picture
  60   Remove wasted environment space from TSRs
  60   Mah Jongg Tile set
  60     FRAC 3D v2.0 (req's EGA or VGA)
  59 timo01v.gif    Timo Salmi, moderator at, a VGA picture
  59    Pyro; play with fire...
  59   PicLab v1.82; manipulate gif pictures (also SVGA)
  59   Mah Jongg Tile set
  59   Mah Jongg Tile set
  59 larn123e.zoo   Larn v12.3, Dungeon type adventure game
  58 ttetris.zoo    Yet another Tetris
  58     Soviet Block; tetrisish game
  58      MunchGuy eats all the dots
  58   Mah Jongg Tile set
  58 0news-ts       Latest news about the files in /pc/ts directory
  57   Scramble v1.0; (word) cryptogram game from binaries
  57    EasyComm (nice TP IDE like interface)
  56    Scramble (Scrabble) crossword board game by Diana Grube
  56 hdrivegl.zoo   GL animation of hard disk
  55   The Virus Information Summary List, HyperText, (reqs li
  54 sound1.txt     The Sound Site Newsletter #1
  53 whrcga.zoo     GL animation; whereabouts & restroom... (good)
  53 gl_om.zoo      Make/Dissolve a file of GL format
  53 glcomp.zoo     GL file composer/decomposer
  52    McAfee Virus-protected copy 0.7v82
  52 timo01e.gif    Timo Salmi, moderator at, an EGA picture
  52 jason2.zoo     Jason Jupiter II, Star Cadet, game
  52   The Gravitational Simulator; Gravity v2.0 (good)
  52   GIF, art & poems Part 3
  52 dice4.lzh      Dice sample for aaplay
  52   ScreamTracker sample sounds
  51   SuperMemo 2 to help you in your education
  51 gnuchess.zoo   GNU chess v3.1 & chess analyze (w C)
  51   Cosmos planetarium simulation 14.11 by Gene Lee
  50 garb9109.lst   Garbo September 1991 updates
  50   Muse - Musical Editor v1.3 (great)
  50    PC Mag Lab benchmarks rel.5.6
  49 sound6.txt     The Sound Site Newsletter #6
  49    Break v1.0 break-out game (ball & tiles)
  48      A simple puzzle v1.0
  48   Ralf Brown's interrupt list 1-Sep-91 (impressive)
  48   Geoworks v1.0 demo (interesting...)
  47 tar4dos.zoo    Tar for DOS
  47    Jacaranda Jim v2.0, game
  47   World map v4.2 with day/night, EGA, VGA (good, diffucul
  47    Boot.sys v1.42; sys config with boot-up menus
  46 tsfaq23a.arc
  46    A list of known Turbo Pascal 6.0 bugs, D.Murdoch
  46   PC ReadMail news&email&msg v4.01 Jeroen Schipper (excel
  46 post04.txt     Information email & postings, from 6-Aug-91 yp 9-Oct-91
  46 nh30jpc2.zoo   Nethack v3.0j (pl 10)
  46    ScreamTracker sample sounds
  46 jason.zoo      Jason Jupiter, Star Cadet, game
  46     Island of mystery adventure text game
  46 hp-kill.fli    Animation file for aaplay
  46   Compress, Uncompress, zcat v4.30d
  46   Onepass v1.01 single-pass diskette copier, format etc (
  45      Vplus, The Ultimate Sound

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