Autorad analysis

Chris_Upton at Chris_Upton at
Sat Nov 9 19:42:10 EST 1991

Hi,I think this has been asked before, but.....
Someone in our dept is interested in software to quantitate the density of
bands on an autorad for transcription analysis.
The phospho-imaging machines are nice but $$$$, especially if it's not going to
get used an awful lot.
We have Macs here and a Sparc2. I've just ftp'ed the NIH Image program to check
out what it can do but I'd like info on other programs available including
commercial packages.
Also if there's anyone out there using image for this kind of thing I'd be
interested in hearing from you.


Chris Upton

University of Alberta

Chris_Upton at

PS We have access to a pretty good (I think) flatbed scanner.

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