STADEN Package and sequencer data analysis

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>Bruce Roe writes:
>>Mike Smith writes: 
>>=>   And will this software do the job?
>>       This depends on what "job" you want them to do!
>Dear Bruce (and others!)
>We have the A.L.F. machine too, and I have access to a Sparc 2, but it has
>monochrome monitor.  Will the Staden package work *well* in monochrome?
>Will we have to get a colour monitor?
>Inquiring minds want to know!
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Hi, I'm curious about this too. We have recently taken delivery of an ABI
sequencer (not bought it, yet). I'd like to know how "experienced users"
deal with their data. 
1) Just take the ACGTACGATCATACGTA   output?
2) Use the AGCGACATAGCATCGA and check with the printed chromatogram?
3) Frequently refer to the chromatogram with the editor on the MAC, ie goto
the trouble of lining up the overlaps and blowing up the chromatograms?
I'm going through withdrawal on having to give up my autorads!!
There's some shortage of color Macs here and I'm wondering if most people
just get by with #2.

I've been playing with the results on the Macs for my tests because there's
been a problem with the Tektronix printer that came with the ABI sequencer...
it's costing a fortune to print the results $s/page seems to be drinking the
inks. (They were looking into that problem).

So.... what does the Staden package do that's specific for this type of
sequencing. I've been using the IG-Suite for my seqeuncing projects and it
works well EXCEPT for the horrendous price.

           Chris Upton
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