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Tue Oct 22 17:16:23 EST 1991

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*RNIC>Hello world.
*RNIC>   I want to upload some of my software to
*RNIC>in the next few days.  If memory serves me well, the vote to
*RNIC>create this group passed.  Unfortunately, I can't remember if
*RNIC>b.s.b is a moderated  group, where stuff is to be sent,
*RNIC>and  in which  format.  Dave, Don, Robert, or someone else,
*RNIC>can you help me out?

You can drop mail off to the E-mail address:
		software-sources at

The mail will then be forwarded to the moderators of the group who will
then approve it and enter it into the Bionet newsgroup.

I have been preparing more explicit instructions and the draft is under review
by the other managers of the software servers. As soon as it is ready
I will post it to

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