Nice one Hylton ( ftp tip )

Robert Harper harper at FINSUN.CSC.FI
Fri Oct 18 05:24:20 EST 1991

Well perhaps everyone knows about by now, so lets
put a plug in for another "Famous Finnish" server
Here is a very neat way of useing ftp... try it and get the 
batchftp102.tar.Z file and revolutionize your use of ftp to
off peak hours.

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In article <1991Oct16.212822.629 at> ts at (Timo Salmi) writes:
> Please also remember the alternative of using batchftp (if you can) for
> more efficient usage.

I find I get on very well, on a unix host here, by using a script with
'ftp'.  I keep several small scripts, one for each site I am interested
in, and edit a copy freely during a sequence of FTP connections.

For example, the script f.garbo now reads
        user anonymous bsrdp at
        dir  /unix/ftp
which allows me to call and read the directory listing at my leisure by
        ftp -in < f.garbo | less
which releases the network connection the instant the data has arrived
here from garbo.  But remember that using 'dir' rather than 'ls' may well
get the the famous garbo message saying you can't have it :-) .

To get a file, substitute a body in the style of
        get /unix/ftp/batchftp102.tar.Z  batchftp102.tar.Z
and make the call
        ftp -in < f.garbo
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