ARCHIE internet address - please.

Rob Harper harper at
Sat Oct 5 15:02:14 EST 1991

In <sjs.686597692 at hood> sjs at (Stephen Speicher) writes:

*RNIC>I need the internet address for the ARCHIE system.
*RNIC>Please e-mail to: sjs at

You can telnet to and login as archie. If you want to use
the Finnish European Archie.

All you X windows fans I would suggest that you run query on Xarchie,
and get version 1.2. This programme allows you to connect to the three
main archies (Canada, Finland, Australia) and do searches.

The bonus is that it has a ftp option built in so you can click on
host/directory/file to highlight the file you want then click the
ftp button and an ftp session is established and the file downloaded
from the remote host that you have chosen to your own machine.

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