Need phone number for CAD Gene

Tomi Mkel tomakela at
Wed Oct 9 03:39:18 EST 1991

In article <03AA4458B49F028531 at MCOIARC.BITNET>, TAO%OPUS at MCOIARC.BITNET writes:
> I am interested in getting hold of Genetic Technology Corportation, the maker
> of CAD GENE.  The ads I had is old and the phone number is no longer in use.
> Could anyone in the netland offer some help?
> Tao
The address for CAD Gene is:

CAD Gene
Genetic Technology Corporation
P.O. Box 1179 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142
508-879-0258 (This number is both a fax and an answering machine)

Tomi M

Dept. of Virology
University of Helsinki
tomakela at

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