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Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Wed Sep 18 01:18:27 EST 1991

Update on WAIS extracted from alt.wais

********************  CLIP  CLIP ***************************
	   New Unix Internet Release (Beta 3 Release) Available
		 	   September 16, 1991

Thank you for the interest in WAIS.  The servers on Quake (including the
directory of servers) has 70k requests from over 1100 different hosts all
over the world (18 countries) in a couple of months.  There are now 70
servers including one in Norway, one in Australia, poetry, recipies,
comp.sources, as well as a Connection Machine serving all sorts of things.

There are are a few mailing lists on this subject that you might want to be
	wais-interest: only announcements like this (1 a month or so)
	wais-discussion: moderated mailings every 1 or 2 weeks.  Good
			stuff including all on wais-interest.
	wais-talk: unmoderated for implementors and interactive discussions.
Requests to wais-<foo>-request at  Archives available from
wais server: wais-discussion or anonymous ftp from

A bibliography of available written materials and resources is available
from /pub/wais/wais-discussion/bibliography.txt at (ftp) or 
WAIS server wais-discussion-archive.src, or on request from Barbara at

Jonathan Goldman pulled the most recent release together (with help from
developers all over the world, see below):
Highlights of modifications (see the release for the full report)
	Overall: make it more portable, and small enhancements
Thank you to all that have contributed bug reports and suggestions.  There
are no concrete plans for the next release.

Overview of components:
In this release is source code for:
 * Server code:  There is code to index text and picture files.
 * Protocol code: based on Z39.50-1988 using the internet.
 * Clients code: User interfaces for contacting servers
	* GNU emacs interface
	* simple shell interface 
	* Mac interface (in separate WAIStation file)
	* tool kit for making your own interfaces
	* X interface
 * Directory of servers: This is be a network service that lists
	existing servers and how to contact them.
 * A Connection Machine server with some patent information, the CIA
	factbook, and some Biomedical abstracts, info-mac, risks, etc 
	to serve as example servers.  

Other components available elsewhere:
 * Motif interface (very simple) available /public/wais/motif-a1.tar.Z at
 * DOS interface toolkit by Jim Fullton 
 * Dumb Terminal interface (not distributed yet)
	by John Curran: telnet login wais
 * Sunview client by Jim Fullton: sunsearch.src.*.tar.Z at
 * VMS servers and clients ask Jim Fullton (fullton at
(we still need a reasonable NeXT client).

The public servers that are currently advertized are:

 biosci.src 			Molecular-biology.src

Usenet and internet archives:		comp.admin.src
 comp.db.src			comp.emacs.src
 comp.multi.src			comp.archives.src
 rec.pets.src			comp.sources.src
 user-contrib-cookbook.src 	usenet-cookbook.src
 info-mac.src 			sun-spots.src

Frequently Asked Questions:
 NeXT.FAQ.src		 	unix.FAQ.src
 ibm.pc.FAQ.src			mac.FAQ.src

Connection Machine info:
 CM-fortran-manual.src	 	CM-paris-manual.src
 CM-star-lisp-docs.src		CMFS-documentation.src

 bible.src			koran.src
 MIT-algorithms-bug.src 	MIT-algorithms-exercise.src 

 open_systems_calendar.src	matrix_news.src
 astro-images-gif.src 		astro-images-fits.src
 unimelb-research.src (Australia!)
 UiO_Publications.src (Norway!)
 cosmic-abstracts.src		cosmic-programs.src
 eff-documents.src		eff-talk.src
 empire.src 			empire20.src
 internet-documents.src		internet-drafts.src
 internet-resource-guide.src	internet-rfcs.src

 wais-discussion-archives.src	wais-docs.src

The first "Digital Librarians", I think it would be safe to say are the
maintainers of these servers:
	Geir.Pedersen at
	abc at
	ang at
	art at
	billy at
	biosci at
	brewster at
	chris at
	fullton at
	ephraim at
	gordon at
	jcurran at
	jonathan at
	jsq at
	root at
	rvc at ariel.its.unimelb.EDU.AU
	uriw at
	wais at
	wais at talon.UCS.ORST.EDU
	waisp at
	weather-server at

The release is available from via anonymous FTP in
/public/wais/wais-8-b3.tar.Z and WAIStation-0-62.sit.hqx.

Bugs to bug-wais at or to me.

For the bug fixes, thanks to:
Garrett A. Wollman <wollman at>
Simon E Spero <ses at>
<simon at>
kent at,
Michael Haberler (mah at and to
gcardwel at for bug fixes to the last release.

-brewster and the wais crew

"Paper and flesh are fleeting media for the treasures that are ideas."

Brewster Kahle					Thinking Machines Corporation
Brewster at				1010 El Camino Real
Project Leader					Menlo Park, CA 94025
Wide Area Information Servers			415-329-9300x228

Brewster Kahle					Thinking Machines Corporation
Brewster at				1010 El Camino Real
Project Leader					Menlo Park, CA 94025
Wide Area Information Servers			415-329-9300x228

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