NIH Image V1.44

Wayne Rasband wayne at
Wed Apr 29 10:40:49 EST 1992

Announcing NIH Image V1.44
NIH Image V1.44, including documentation and source code, is now 
available by anonymous ftp from[], 
in the directory /pub/image. NIH Image is an image processing and 
analysis application for the Macintosh that is in the public domain. 
It has painting and image manipulation tools, a macro language, 
tools for measuring areas, distances and angles, and for counting 
things. It supports TIFF, PICT and PICS file formats. Using a frame
grabber card, it can record sequences of images to be played back
as a movie. It can invoke user-defined convolution matrix filters.
It can import raw data in tab-delimited ASCII, or as 1 or 2-byte
quantities. It also does histograms and even 3-D plots. It is
limited to 8-bits/pixel, though the 8 bits map into a color lookup
table. It runs on any Mac that has a 256-color screen and a FPU
(or get the NonFPU version from

--wayne rasband(wayne at

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