object-oriented BASIC???

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In article <1992Aug27.210410.11779 at reed.edu> bowman at reed.edu (Eric Bowman (bobo)) writes:
>Well...QuickBasic allows some pretty sophisticated (for BASIC) structured
>programming techniques; using them, one can employ certain object-oriented
>techniques, just as one can do the same thing in C or Pascal.  
>However, QuickBasic is *not* an OOPL in the sense of C++, Objective
>C, Object Pascal, or SmallTalk.  I highly doubt it will ever become an OOPL;
>I just don't think there's any reason for it.  There are far better languages.
>Just my $0.02,
>bowman at reed.edu

I agree with bobo's assessment.

I might point out to the originator of this thread, that perhaps what
you actually need to look into is OOA/OOD, i.e. Object-oriented Analysis
and Object-oriented Design.  A visit to B Dalton's or your university
library/bookstore is in order: there are at least a half-dozen current
books dealing with OOA/OOD that do not drop down into specific code
examples...because for a starter there is no need.

"Object-oriented Analysis" by Coad and Yourdan (or maybe it's by Coad
alone and published by Yourdan Press).....anyway a knowledgable
computer bookstore "librarian" will know the most popular current
titles, but because this is a topic that is selling a lot of books
right now.  "The Tao of Objects" is another that comes to mind.

As noted by bobo, there are object-oriented techniques and there are
laguages/implementations with explicitly support adnaced object-
oriented coding.  There is even Object Assembly (which, BTW, is a 
far ahead of "object-oriented" QuickBasic).

It's worth reading (and maybe practising) objected-oriented because
it lends another level of clarity to software design, coding and maintenance.

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