Does bionet.xtallography exist?

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Tue Aug 25 04:22:42 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug23.232653.26689 at murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU> rbm8p at .Virginia.EDU (Rick MacDonald) writes:
>I've seen a few apparent cross-posts, but our computing center
>tells me that we get all of the bionet groups and bionet-dot-
>variations-on-crystallography isn't among them.  Are you out
>rbm8p at    <==== My Mail machine does not know your machine?!?
Appended is a very up-to-date header from the group of interest: so your
system manager can check the spelling.

RICK> Subject: Re: Does bionet.xtallography exist?
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>Article: 63 of bionet.xtallography
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>From: aiw at
>Newsgroups: bionet.xtallography
>Subject: heavy atom compounds
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>Date: 24 Aug 92 20:54:00 GMT        <====== note the date
>Distribution: bionet
>Organization: Cornell University

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