Genbank services?

Tue Aug 18 09:37:38 EST 1992

Dear David Kristofferson,
	I am a little unclear as to what services Genbank will be
offering to the public after the end of September. I gather the
FASTA, BLAST, BLAZE and RETRIEVE e-mail servers will no longer be
available.  Instead of these servers, researchers will be able to
use the NCBI BLAST and RETRIEVE e-mail server as well as the
various FASTA e-mail servers from the University of Houston's
gene-server, EMBL, and PIR. I don't think BLAZE will be available
to anyone for free anymore.
	What about data submission?  Will Genbank still be the main
North American public repository?  What about the FTP server and
the Genbank database updates, will this be NCBI's responsibility?
Are there other public services that Genbank offers that will no
longer be available?
	Thank you for any clarification of these questions,

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