Help needed on 3D_Align on EMBL ...

Wed Aug 12 06:39:52 EST 1992

Dear Netters ...

Recently EMBL Netserv has set up new directory called
3D_ALIGN . And when I just browse there they keep some
sequences(so large size) and others.
I guess that might be one of recently highlighted forms
of Sequence Homology matrix and results.
BTW how can I view them and do ananlysis on my platforms
such as Mac or IRIS ?
Is anybody out there who knows well about them
and are willing to let me know ?
Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading me and in advance.

Sincerely Rhee Hwan-Seok
Dept. Mol.Biol
Seoul National Univ.
e-mail : hyunerho at krsnucc1.BITNET

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