object oriented programming?

Keith Robison robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 11 21:33:51 EST 1992


>Greetings Netlanders--

>My boss just asked me to post a question to the hyperspace netland:

>Would you query the nets to see how they feel about object oriented
>programming and its application to sequence analysis and molecular modelling
>in the near future?

>				     Steve Thompson
>			Thompson at WSUVMS1.csc.wsu.edu			

I just started using C++ two months ago and I love it!!  It is quite
easy to design a set of core classes useful for biology and then
have their code easily integratable into new code.  Also, many biological
concepts map onto class structures quite readily.

For example, I have one class which is a general sequence class.  This serves
as the base class for a DNA sequence class and a protein sequence class.
It is now straightforward to add new features (such as file formats) and
get them working for both DNA and protein sequences.  If I later decide
that for one class or the other (or both) a function needs DNA- or
protein-specific characteristics, I can use over-riding or virtual functions
to ensure that all the old code still works.

Keith Robison
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