PC Internet Connection & Gopher

Tue Aug 11 09:27:00 EST 1992

Dear NetFolk,

Lots of people have been very helpful with their responses to

Subject: Recommended seq analysis software

One of the interesting options was using internet ie. using the microcomputer
as a dumb terminal to tap the power of free servers across the globe.

Problem:  How do you get a PC internet connection?

At the moment we have to log into our VAX, then log into a DEC workstation
which is connected to our computer centre at Imperial, via a campus ethernet.
I am getting tired of FTPing stuff onto the DEC machine, then KERMITing it
onto my PC.  What I really want is to be able to FTP stuff onto my hard disk
and to be able to use GOPHER.  Surely someone else has had this problem and
solved it...

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