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regarding the Mac-based sequence analysis program MacVector (some stuff

>  So (to cut to the chase, as it were), I sent for the >information packet and
just plain choked on the price (almost >$3K for single machine installation).
>From what I've seen, MacVector is just not good enough to equal the price of
the hardware  that we want to run it on!

We managed to bargain IBI/Kodak (MacVector Published) down to $1400/copy.  Then
we begged for another EVE key (program is copy protected) to use it on another
Mac in the lab and got that for about $400 more (prices from memory and
approx).  It's useful, particularly in combination with access to our
GCG-package running on a UNIX-box; ie, pull selected sequences off GCG and
display/manipulate/analyze on the Mac.  Still, it IS expensive.

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