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Fri Aug 7 17:38:15 EST 1992

In article 713209821 at biox, doelz at (Reinhard Doelz) writes:
>ecec at (Eric Cabot) writes:
>>and inexpensive DOS programs. (Plus the GCG implementation here  is far
>>too expensive to use on a regular basis.)
>>  So (to cut to the chase, as it were), I sent for the information packet
>>and just plain choked on the price (almost $3K for single machine installation).
>So what is the price for 10 seats? Still no way for a centralized mainframe
>solution? I'm afraid we're back again to the religious war how cheap must
>a workstation be to compete against a pc standalone solution :-( . 
>And, don't forget the databases... they're growing. You now need to have 
>a CD ROM at each station, better three: One EMBL, one PIR, and one NCBI drive. 
And these can be pretty slow for database searches if you're not reading
contiguous data files. Better make it a 1GB hard drive!!

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