Inquiry regarding sequence analysis (esp promoters/enhancers)

Robert Bradbury rbradbur at
Thu Aug 6 20:32:57 EST 1992

I am interested in obtaining opinions in two areas:

  1) Are there databases which contain a list of the known promoter/enhancer
     sequences for eukaryotes and/or is there software which can use this
     information to identify these regions in a given sequence?  I would
     prefer packages which are designed for this specific task rather than
     a collection of GCG commands which will always be out of date given the
     ever increasing number of promoter/enhancer sequences.

 2) Could people send me brief notes regarding their experience with PC
    (DOS or UNIX) based software packages for sequence analysis (scanning
    CD-ROM databases, sequence comparisons, PCR primer and probe design, etc).
    I'm interested in stand-alone systems which do not require large computers.
    E-mail response is fine, I will post a summary for general reference.

Robert Bradbury		uunet!sftwks!bradbury or rbradbur at

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