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>>we have GCG on a vax/vms system here. is there any way to print from GCG
>>(or the vax) to a non-networked printer? in my case i use ncsa telnet on
>>my mac and would like to print on my private laserwriter thats connected
>>to the mac by localtalk(i'm connected to the vax by ethernet)
>We have essentially the same setup here.  I use FTP on the Vax to transfer
>files to the Mac.  (You have to be careful to avoid opening your Mac up
>to the whole internet whenever you are using Telnet:  set up a password
>file by carefully following the instructions that come with Telnet.  Then
>test it by trying to FTP to your machine and make sure a password is
>required).  Then I can print them on the Mac using a word processor or

[stuff deleted]

You might also give 'sendPS' a try (available at sumex, etc.).  This
nifty utility will download either PostScript (which some GCG programs 
support) or text files over AppleTalk from your Mac to your printer.
The text feature is nice because if you have a large (or small) text file 
that you just want to print, all you do is ftp it up, as Edward suggested,
and then send it to the printer without even having to open it.  Sure,
it comes out in small boxy courier, but crap, it's fast and readable.

Later days...
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