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In article <Bz3DBx.D81 at> george at (Giorgio Demenego) writes:
>Hello, I hope that this newsgroup will be the right place to post my letter :)
>I want to know if there is an ftp site with DNA phylogenesis programs for Amiga.
>(Like Paup, Phylip, Clustalv)
>If those programs or utilities are not in PD software I only want to know if
>they exist or no, because here I saw only prgs for PC & Mac !!!!

PAUP is not available by ftp as it costs $50.  There is no Amiga version.
PHYLIP is available by ftp from my machine:
   (IP number  There are no Amiga executables available, but
   you can compile it if you have a Pascal compiler.  A C version will be
   available soon.
ClustalV is available by ftp from the major molecular biology software servers
   (in Europe try  There is no Amiga executable
   version, but it is available as C source which can be compiled if you
   have a C compiler.

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