Compiling VMS Mulfold

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Thu Feb 20 12:13:41 EST 1992

In article <9202201645.AA27697 at> DIPSPERIM at TOVVX1.CCD.UTOVRM.IT writes:
>Hello there,
>Has anybody experience with compiling and linking Mulfold2, the VMS version of
>Zuker's RNA-folding program ?
>I downloaded it from and tried to compile and link it
>to a working program. However, the computer over here considered the format
>of the library-file ZP.OLB as beiing illegal and refused to link the program.
>Is this a problem of my computer (a VAX 6000/510, running under VMS 5.4-1) or
>or does this file indeed have a wrong format ?
>Anyway I would be glad to hear if someone knows a solution.

People should ask Michael Zuker for his newer unix version of 
Mulfold, for one thing.

The ZP.OLB binary is needed only for the energy dotplot display
(it is an old Tek library, i beleive).  You can edit the source to
remove calls to energy dotplot and then compile.  I don't think
you will have any luck tracking down a newer version of that

-- don
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