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Lee F. Kolakowski lfk at
Tue Jan 21 13:30:06 EST 1992

On 21 Jan 92 00:52:35 GMT,
gilbertd at (Don Gilbert) said:
> See Lee Kolakowski's ProSearch, in various archives including
> anonymous ftp to, folder molbio/search/
> as prosearch*  files.  There are unix & vms versions.  The
> ones in this archive may be old, see the version notice:

> Prosite Database -- Release 5.0 of April 1990 Copyright: Amos Bairoch
> ProSearch Software -- Release 0.1beta -- Copyright: Lee Kolakowski

Yes the version is a bit older than the current one which I will
clean up for posting to as soon as possible.

The more important part of the update is the database file.
This file is generated from the Prosite.dat file by a program
written by Jack A.M. Leunissen, CAOS/CAMM Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

This means that once you have the searching program, and the data
conversion program, you can keep the database up to date your self.

Anyway, It will be about two weeks before the new version is ready for
distribution. VMS will no longer be supported as GCG has a program called
motif that does almost the same thing.


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