Protein Data Bank Files?

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Thu Jul 30 16:39:45 EST 1992

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|> We have a simplistic renderer for the PDB files, but I'm curious as to
|> whether or not there exists a renderer (a ray tracer or the like) that can
|> read PDB files, or if there exist conversion programs to get these files
|> into something that a renderer can read.  Source code that is compilable on
|> or portable to Unix (SGI) systems would be preferable.
	You're welcome to check out the Raster3d package via anonymous
ftp from (  The base code should
be portable to any machine; it takes PDB files as input and creates
ray-traced spheres, cylinders, ribbons, etc to generic raster output.
There are some nice auxilliary programs specifically for SGI machines which
are at least semi-interactive.

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