PC Dotplot Program

Mon Jul 27 14:07:00 EST 1992

    I have written a DOTPLOT program for PCs running MSDOS.  It requires
    EGA or VGA and incorporates Don Gilbert's ureadseq.  I have found it
    rather useful, and would appreciate it if someone would try it out and
    tell me about any bugs or improvements.  The sequence comparison is
    done in assembler, so it is quite fast.

    If anyone wants a copy of the executable, just EMAIL me at

    uk.ac.ic.ph.v1 (on JANET for UK punters)
    nsfnet-relay.ac.uk::v1.ph.ic.ac.uk::biophys (for Internet?)

    I will send a uuencoded version to anyone who manages to get an EMAIL
    message through to me.

    Ramin Nakisa,
    Biophysics Section,
    The Blackett Lab,
    Imperial College,
    London SW7 2BZ

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