Medline and Internet - any progress?

Dr Tan Tin Wee bchtantw at
Wed Jul 8 21:03:09 EST 1992

donp at (Don Preuss) writes:
: nholford at (Nick Holford) writes:
: >Does anyone have any idea if the people who run Medline have
: >considered access from Internet?
: >Or can anyone suggest an address to write to at the Natl.Lib.Med.
: >where I might get an understanding person to discuss this with?
: Medline is accesible via the internet. It is also available via 
: Grateful Med via the internet. To use Grateful Med you need the
: latest version, and there is an NCSA TSR that can be used.
: Via telnet, Telnet to
                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ how do I apply to
                                            get a userid here?
Or is there a public account for a demo tryout?

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