New PCR primer analysis program

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Mon May 11 08:06:21 EST 1992

In article <8MAY199210472891 at>, cherry at (J. Michael Cherry) writes:
> A new Macintosh application for use in PCR reactions was announce on the
> info-mac list. Below I've included a text version of this programs 
> documentation. You can obtain a copy of Amplify from 
> via anonymous ftp. Look for the file:
>       /info-mac/app/amplify-10.hqx
> I'm sure the various molecular biology archive will be picking up the
> Compactor archive of Amplify very soon. If you can't get to sumex I've
> also put the amplify-10.hqx file on in the mac
> directory, ("cd mac" then "get amplify-10.hqx").
> The author, Bill Engels, can be reached at WREngels at
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Amplify  (C) 1992  Bill Engels
I'm glad to see that someone found amplify before I got a chance to 
tell everyone where it can be located! I have also posted it to the 
indiana archive:  where it is still in the 
incoming list, and to: in the mac/etc/biology 
section. I will also email anyone a copy of the program if they don't 
have ftp access. I can also send a self extracting archive if 

Greg Gloor (beta tester, and poster of amplify)

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