Help with Macintosh Gopher Client(s)

Ashok Aiyar axa12 at
Thu Oct 1 11:10:49 EST 1992

In article <BvEuxw.G0q at> gilbertd at (Don Gilbert) writes:

>I can't help you with that gopher client, but you may want to
>look at another one (in the same gopher server that you
>connected to for Genbank searches): 
>GopherApp is an Internet information service program for 
>Macintosh computers.  It provides a Finder-like link to the range 
>of Internet Gopher services.
>You may obtain GopherApp thru anonymous ftp to, in 
>folder /util/gopher, as gopherapp.hqx. You may also obtain updates 
>using Gopher to this same IUBio archive (,
>port=70). Look for a folder called "IUBio Software+Data/GopherApp".

Thank you, I didn't need a HyperCard based application.  Your
Gopher Client works beautifully.

                             Ashok A. Aiyar
                       Department of Biochemistry
                         CWRU School of Medicine

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