NCBI Server Format --> FASTA converter

Keith Robison robison1 at
Fri Oct 2 08:29:20 EST 1992

robison1 at (Keith Robison) writes:

>Does someone already have a program to convert the results of a
>NCBI Sequence Server Query into FASTA format?  

I realize now that I omitted a key qualifier.  GenBank queries
come back in GenBank format, PIR queries in something that looks
like PIR format but with some extra linefeeds separating field
labels from data.  But the Swiss-Prot returns not only have the
extra line-feeds, but use different heading names than the
Swiss-Prot distribution (full names rather than abbreviations).
I guess the real question is whether these deviations will cause
problems for various programs designed to read/convert PIR and
Swiss-Prot formats.

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