auto-mail program for BLAST?

Bobbie Peters in Grace theiss at CSHL.ORG
Fri Oct 2 15:32:19 EST 1992

We have a program here that sends parameters & sequences to the old
FASTA e-mail address in the correct format. It would ask the user questions -
What is the name of the sequence, what databank do you want to search against,
are these parameters OK, etc. Then it mailed the info to the old 
fasta address.
I seem to remember that someone else offered the same type of program 
ages ago for FASTA. Rather than us re-writing the fasta program,
has anyone written an auto mail program for BLAST?

Along the same lines, is there a list of programs like BLAST, SeqApp, etc
that are available via e-mail? This doesn't seem to be a question that
Archie would easily answer.

thanks for your help

Bobbie Peters
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